The growth in technology and liberalization in the country over the past couple of years has resulted in an increase in the sale of counterfeit products across the globe. This is a big problem in India and results in illegal commercial exploitation of someone else’s intellectual property. One of the major services provided by Krishna and Saurastri Associates LLP includes tackling of counterfeits from different industries by availing both civil and criminal remedies (where available).

Our team works closely with investigators and police personnel to obtain cost-effective results. Our litigation team also works with clients to address the issues of illegal importation of infringing goods through customs measures to obtain disposal and destruction of such goods before they are cleared. Considering the growth in the digital forms of marketing and e-commerce, our lawyers are also well-equipped to tackle the menace of online counterfeits.

We have represented several large and medium sized businesses from all major fields including medicines, consumer goods, cosmetics, clothing and leather goods in combating piracy. We have arranged investigations and raids across India.

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