The world has progressed from an agricultural and industrial economy to a knowledge driven economy within a span of a century. With the advent of technology, the intellectual spectrum is expanding due to the emergence of new competitive markets as well as the limitless territory that the internet provides. This economy has created innumerable forms of copyrightable material and today, numerous technologies also fall within the purview of copyright.

Copyright covers literary works (including computer programs or software), dramatic works (scripts and choreographed routines), musical works (songs and compositions), artistic works (paintings, sculptures, drawings, engraving designs and photographs), sound recordings and cinematographic films.

Our team provides end-to-end advise on copyright protection. We assist in identifying copyrightable subject matter, preparing and filing varied forms of copyright applications, addressing objections from the Copyright Office, attending hearings, advising on ownership, assignment and licensing of copyrights. We have negotiated, drafted, and vetted copyright purchase, sale and license agreements, software licensing agreements, and other related documents. We have also handled several contentious matters which involved infringement of copyright in literary works, software, music, cinematographic films, online content, lookalike products and packaging before different courts in India.

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