Information Technology & E-Commerce

The complex legal issues relating to Information Technology (IT) and Cyberspace require careful handling. The experienced attorneys at Krishna & Saurastri Associates LLP have counseled and provided valuable assistance to leading e-commerce providers, IT consulting firms, BPOs, KPOs, ISPs, Telecom operators and other related entities.

More specifically, we provide comprehensive advice on data protection, online privacy, telecommunication regulations, e-commerce, internet intermediary liabilities, digital information and online content liabilities, cybercrime, internet fraud and hacking issues, intellectual property violation on the internet, cloud computing, software development and maintenance agreements, shrink wrap agreements, click wrap agreements, Conditional Access Systems (CAS) agreements, master service agreements, beta test agreements, end user license agreement (EULA), broadcasting agreements, satellite and digital terrestrial agreements, outsourcing and offshoring agreements, and other commercial IT agreements.

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