Licensing & Franchising

Today licensing programs have become increasingly crucial components of corporate strategy. Companies are leveraging IP to create value for shareholders via additional revenue streams, by entering new markets, building brand equity and creating competitive barriers. A successful licensing campaign can generate royalties, monetize underutilized assets and improve the bottom line. Similarly, universities and other non-practicing entities are using licensing as a means to generate cash flow and monetize their intellectual assets.

Krishna & Saurastri Associates LLP’s team of transactional lawyers combines legal, technical, financial and accounting acumen to create customized licensing programs for each client. We have advised our clients on all aspects of a licensing transaction and have represented both licensors and licensees in closing such deals.

Typical engagements include analyzing large asset portfolios, identifying assets of interest, identifying potential licensees, creating licensing strategies, structuring transactions and negotiating deal terms. Our associates have counseled both Indian and international companies on in-licensing, out-licensing and cross-licensing transactions.

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