Media & Entertainment Law

Over the last decade there has been a robust growth in the media and entertainment sector in India. The paradigm shift in advertising, media and entertainment sphere characterized with unprecedented advancements such as rapid growth in technological know-how, has necessitated the need for solution–oriented well-structured legal advice. Krishna and Saurastri Associates LLP works alongside its clients in the media and entertainment industry to provide strategic solutions within the legal and regulatory framework and assists its clients with thorough due diligence and negotiations.

We advise and assist our clients on the varied aspects of information technology laws, privacy laws and data protection, regulatory compliances, franchising, software licensing, domain name disputes, e-commerce and social media laws, unfair competition (including passing off, defamation, disparagement and comparative advertising), drafting of contracts, copyright, personality and image rights, trademarks, as well as licensing and assignment of intellectual property assets including literary work, musical work and artistic work. Our scope of work also encompasses advising and assisting advertising companies, broadcasters, movie producers, authors, artists, music composers, sound recording companies, OTT platforms, etc. in protection of their rights as well as enforcement of their rights in complex litigation before the Indian courts.

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