Healthcare & Life Science Regulatory

India has traditionally been an important market in the healthcare and life sciences space. Both products and services in this area have seen major growth over the years. Although, India offers a unique value proposition to a manufacturer, distributor or service provider in this industry, the regulatory and compliance framework can be daunting unless navigated with complete knowledge. Moreover, as the Indian market matures, to ensure compliance companies need to be up to speed with the evolving framework of regulation in the healthcare and life sciences industry. Our experience and focused expertise in this area can be helpful when navigating such complexities.

Our healthcare and life sciences regulatory practice group focus on providing strategic compliance advice to companies engaged in manufacturing or development of pharmaceutical drugs, biologics and biosimilars, medical devices, cosmetics, processed food, nutraceuticals and healthcare supplements, veterinary products, animal (cattle, poultry, aquatic) feed and supplements. We also advise on clinical trials, food safety and standards, and drug and medical device pricing issues.

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