Attorneys at Krishna & Saurastri Associates LLP recognize the importance that trademarks can play as valuable assets in day to day business transactions. Our approach to trademark protection, litigation and advisory matters is holistic and tactical, backed by a deep understanding of the underlying commercial intent, to achieve the best possible outcome for our client.

We offer business friendly solutions to our clients enabling them to vigilantly protect and enforce the rights associated in their trademarks and reap commercial benefits therefrom. In India, we offer comprehensive advice on trademark law through our domestic offices. In foreign jurisdictions, we offer trademark services through a network of trusted associates and affiliates to meet our clients’ global needs.

Our firm has advised clients of all sizes and from all different industries. We have represented several major brand owners and have obtained a number of landmark decisions in the areas of registration, infringement, well known trademarks, anti-dilution (including blurring, smearing, tarnishment and free-riding) and unfair competition (including passing off, comparative advertising, defamation). We have also assisted large corporations in combating piracy, especially in the fields of cosmetics, medicines and consumer goods. Our body of work is cited regularly and has helped contribute towards the development of trademark jurisprudence in India.

Our attorneys are also members of several international and local associations which are involved in advocacy and public policy related to trademarks.

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